Boulder County Board of Equalization Appeal

Search for your Property:

To begin your online appeal, search for your property by entering your Account Number and PIN found on your Notice of Determination.

Account Number will begin with a letter, followed by seven numbers
                   Examples: R1234567, M1234567, P1234567

                   Where to find the PIN?

         R - Real property (residential, business)
         M - Mobile home
         P - Personal Property (commercial assets that are moveable, such as beds in a hotel)

You may only enter one Account Number and PIN at a time. If you are planning to schedule hearings for multiple accounts at once, you will still need to submit an appeal for each property individually. After the appeals for all of your accounts have been submitted, then you will be able to batch-schedule your hearings at the same time.


Account No



The Board of Equalization can only accept petitions from August 15th through September 15th.